The Panto Project



Pantos are a 300 year old tradition in England and often the largest production of many major UK theaters generally running from November through January, for the holiday season. It is our goal to recreate (not reinvent) the magic and fun of the Panto, whilst tailoring it for an American audience.  As it is a well loved, tried and tested form, ONEOFUS will both observe and honor many of the traditions that have brought joy to families during the holidays, and subvert, update, and improve some of less inclusive aspects.

“Pantomine is a phenomenal phenomenon.  How could a country’s most popular form of theatre- consisting, as it does of a romantically farcical fairy tale set to music, peopled with men dressed as women, women dressed as men, humans dressed as animals, and packed with spectacle and slapstick, topical jokes and old chestnuts, community singing and audience participation- be described as anything else?”

"I Scream for Ice Cream" by Gyles Brandreth

"As an American married to a Brit I remember very clearly the first time I ever went to a Panto. It reminded me of a punk concert, but for the whole family, and with great production values. The kids were interacting with the actors in a beautiful call and response, the parents were laughing at topical and political jokes and everyone had a good time; a real festive, secular show during the holiday season that brought people together.  This is the lively energy that we want to create on Grand Street,  focused around Abrons. This is the energy we need to get through these troubled times."

Julie Atlas Muz

"As a Brit in America, I’m amazed no one has thought to create a family show for the holidays that connect community and family with a morality tale, that is fun, riotous, raucous, vaudevillian & contemporary. We want to make that in NYC! The archetypes always present in these shows easily lend themselves to diverse cultural reinvention, and our intention would be to create a culturally relevant, diverse and disability inclusive world on stage."

Mat Fraser

Click here for reference material for the wonderful wide world of British Pantos!


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By: Joyce Branagh and Keith Orton

Pantomime: A Practical Guide
By: Colin Winslow, Ruth Staines, and Tina Bicât

The Golden Age of Pantomime: Slapstick, Spectacle and Subversion in Victorian England
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By: Millie Taylor