The Panto Project


The Panto Project is a 5 Year Community Commitment for Festive Family Fun created in partnership with the Abrons Arts Center and ONEOFUS. It is our goal to import the magic and fun of the British Panto, giving American audiences a chance to experience our radical, joyful, uproarious, interactive family holiday spectacle which promotes equality in all forms.

In the current administration, we feel New York City needs family theater that is inherently irreverent, lightly political with the strong theme that eventually good triumphs over evil. We believe that every child, teen and grown up deserves to feel that they can be an agent of change in their own lives, and in society at large. By providing a space in which audiences can boo and hiss the villains while cheering and supporting the heroes, we show the power of each of us, and the ultimate power we have when coming together as a community.

In 2017, ONEOFUS and Abrons presented "Jack & The Beanstalk"; a Lower East Side specific version of a classic Panto tale. While this production was originally intended to be a one-off, JACK IS BACK! That is why we’re committed to 5 years of Pantos at Abrons, beginning with a 2018 re-mount of our uproarious "Jack & The Beanstalk", to be followed in 2019 by Dick Rivington & His Cat - a New York-i-fication of the traditional Panto Dick Whittington & His Cat. Our plans for 2020 and beyond are as of now unknown - but there will be laughs, songs, and tons of pies to the face. SO LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!

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